Where Does The Money Go

All money raised by Usos Foundation goes into the foundation to offer scholarships to at-risk youth and to cover the facility rent and operating expenses. None of the board members or administration is paid, all are volunteers.

What Does the Scholarship program offer?

In addition to learning top-of-the-line skills in the sport of wrestling and self defense, the program will provide the youth with various traits and skills in other areas which include: self-esteem, the mind-body-spirit connection, public relations, experience in filming, photography, editing, journalism, script writing, sales, marketing, and other entrepreneurial skills. All of which are skills that can be used in the business world, since many of these kids will not have the option of attending college.

What do At - Risk youth get out of the scholarship programs?

My name is Wes Peel and I was born in freehold, New Jersey. My parents are Lois (Shutzer) and Daniel Peel. I am an only child who graduated from Freehold Regional High School where I played 4 years varsity football and basketball.

My family and I moved to Daytona Beach, Florida in November of 2001 and it was there that I began to fulfill my dream of becoming a pro wrestler. In 2006 I read an article about a wrestling school called the School of Hard Knocks, which was a few minutes from my house. I trained there for about eight months. 

In late 2007 I lost my Mother to lung cancer, and I promised her that I would keep my dream alive in pro wrestling. I moved to Orlando to further my training at a school that was ranked the best in the area at the time. However in 2008 the school closed down.

In the beginning of 2009 I was introduced to Afa (Pops), Ricky Santana, and Haku. Through the Wild Samoan Training Center - WXW Wrestling and Usos Foundation, they started to mentor me and teach me the things I was lacking to make it to the next level. They helped me get ready for the WWE camp, where I was looked at by WWE head of talent Relations John Laurinaitis, who invited me to come to WWE Raw for a tryout and the feeling I had after hearing that was surreal. Even though I didn't get a WWE contract this time around, I now know I have what it takes to make my dream come true just by the fact that John invited me there and with Pops, Ricky and Haku mentoring me I know I will make to the WWE one day.

Wes Peel

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Usos Foundation Board Members

Usos Foundation Board Members

Executive Director: Andy Salgado

President: Afa Anoa'i

Vice President: Lynn Anoa'i


Vale Anoa'i

Clifford Aubuchon

Steve Erickson

Pam Serviss

David Yeager


Usos Foundation files a yearly 990-N form to the Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service

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Charity Wines

Usos Foundation is proud to announce that we have partnered with Charity Wines for their newest brand, Legend Cellars. We are honored to be the first wrestling affiliation with this great fundraising opportunity. Legend Cellars recently released four brand new wines to accompany the eight original wines featuring professional wrestlers. The inaugural release included wines featuring wrestling superstars, The Wild Samoans, Rocky Johnson, Scott Hall, Samu, Haku, The Iron Sheik, Ricky Santana, and the late Davey Boy Smith. The four new wines feature High Chief Peter Maivia, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, The Magnificent Don Muraco, and the Alofa Forever sparkling white wine featuring High Chief Peter Maivia and his wife Lia Maivia. Proceeds from the sale of these wines benefits Usos - The Samoan Family Foundation.

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